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Though the Heavens Fall

Though the Heavens Fall by Mikhail P. Kulakov Sr.

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Summary: "What's the matter?" he asked in a low voice. "Have I done something wrong?" 

She said nothing, but gazed intently at him, her eyes desperately trying to warn him. Go on your break, Mikhail Kulakov. Now! GET OUT OF HERE! Leave the building! 

But he didn't understand. Suspecting nothing, he walked straight into the TRAP. 

Faith--solid, unyielding faith--was all that young Mikhail Kulakov possessed. 

The Communist Soviet government had taken away his job, his family, and his freedom. His crime? Faithful service to God, or, in the words of the KGB, "anti-Soviet activities." 

He was imprisoned, interrogated, and then sentenced to five years in a corrective labor camp, where he endured bitter hardships designed to stifle the spirit and break the will. 

But even the prospect of eternal banishment to a remote village in western Siberia could not deter him from his steady reliance upon God's promises . . .

Review: Though the Heavens Fall takes you into the life of Mikhail Kulakov who was a Christian in Russia when religions were still being persecuted and their believers were being sent to prison camps.  The book focuses on the time period of the late 1940's through through the early 2000's; it chronicles the life of Mikhail and his family with short synopsis's on his grandparents, and parents and how they came to be involved in spreading the good news.  

Mikhail was subjected to many nights of hunger and mental torture in 'prison work camps' by the Communist leaders;  he was convicted of simply living his life as he believed God asked him too and spreading the gospel to those he came into contact with.  One aspect of this story that I really enjoyed was that their were excerpts from different family members talking about their  perspective on certain times and events in Mikhail's ministry and life.  It was refreshing to see alternate voices in a book that still seemed to harmonize together in their main goal which was spreading the gospel.

The book is a little less than 200 pages long; its a quick read and if you're a Christian who is looking for spiritual inspiration I would definitely recommend it.  While I personally would've liked more information on the storyline and a little less preaching throughout the book overall I enjoyed it and would recommend it.


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