Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Certain Smile By Marjorie Lewty

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Summary:  It was a whole new world for Amanda.... Meeting her father for the first time at the age of eighteen was quite and experience for Amanda Dawson. She was catapulted from life on a quiet Devonshire Village into the urbane sophistication of her father's world. Amanda's fresh innocence had not prepared her for wealth, tycoons, or wild parties. Nor was she prepared for a man like Blair Craddock, her father's business partner. It was easy to fall in love with him - but he was planning to marry his lovely colleague, Juliet! 

Review: When Amanda loses her Grandmother her world spirals out of control as she is taken out of the small village she was raised in and plopped down into the opulent world of her business tycoon Father.  Bewildered at first by all the changes taking place things begin to brighten in the young girls world when Blair Craddock enters her life in an unexpected and compromising meeting. While character development happened rather fast, its hard not to root for Amanda as the lead 'actress' in the book, and Blair is cast as the protective male heroine.  The things I liked were the characters of Amanda, Juliet who was fun and sassy, and Amanda's Father who had better character build up.  Some wording was more difficult because of the timing of when the book was published but overall a good romantic harlequin. 

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