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The Queen's Lady by Barbara Kyle

The Queen's Lady by Barbara Kyle

Rating: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Summary: London, 1527. Marry or serve: for Honor Larke, the choice is clear. Unwilling to perish of boredom as an obedient wife, she leaves the home of her ward, the brilliant Sir Thomas More, to attend Her Majesty, Queen Catherine of Aragon. But life at Henry VIII's court holds more than artifice for an intelligent observer, and Honor knows how to watch--and when to act...
Angered by the humiliation heaped upon her mistress as Henry cavorts with Anne Boleyn and presses Rome for a divorce, Honor volunteers to carry letters to the Queen's allies. It's a risky game, but Honor is sure she's playing it well--until she's proven wrong. Richard Thornleigh may cut a dashing figure at court, but Honor isn't taken in by his reckless charm. Only later does Honor realize that Richard has awakened something within her--and that he, too, has something to hide...

For the King's actions are merely one knot in a twisted web that stretches across Europe, ensnaring everyone from the lowliest of peasants to the most powerful of nobles. Swept away in a tide of intrigue and danger, the Queen's lady is about to learn everything: about pride, passion, greed--and the conscience of the king...

Review: The Queen's Lady is book one in Barbara Kyle's Thornleigh series. It is a fairly fast paced book in which Honor Larke from the first page is involved in dramatic plots and situations including serving Catherine of Aragon, being the ward of Sir Thomas More, and committing acts of treason to save those that are being persecuted by the church. I enjoyed the book, and if you enjoy novels of the tudor period then you will too, especially if you are looking for something that does not necessarily focus on monarchs of the time period, but also the gentry and common people, and their struggles. If you read this book however be ready to read the next three books in the series because the characters are people who you will want to follow into the next books.

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