Friday, March 23, 2012

Alright, so here's a sort of non-book related post which will not be a norm but which I feel like doing tonight.  If you regularly come to the blog I apologize for the lack of new reviews lately my last semester of my master has started; and it has kept me busy with homework and left less time for books anyway I am working on reading a book but goodreads is not correct my latest book is "Mary Mrs a Lincon" by Ms NewmanJanis Cooke   which so far has been a VERY good historical fiction novel in my opinion  worth 4 smilies at least; anyways a review will be coming eventually, what I was going to announce is that I've deciding to put the link for this blog on my facebook page which is super personal for me but oh well peeps know I'm an avid sorta pretty nerdy reader so here it is in the FLESH =) Anyway also I'm also asking that if you lurk please become a follower, you don't have to comment but it'd be nice to know your out there in internet land reading what I'm commenting about what I'm reading =p Anyways hmm one more thing if anyone does want to send me books to review as long as their historical fiction or catch my interest they are Numero Uno Prioirty Aside from school Friends, and Chocoalate, Anyways my email address is if you are a autor/publisher if want more information, and with that my site is going FB public (sceeeery) And remember lurkers please follow I don't bite unless your withholding a good piece of fiction =) then there are no guarantees !!  CheersssElIzAbEtH

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My facebook page preview tonight =)

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