Saturday, May 12, 2012

Title: Belladonna: A Novel of Revenge

Author: Karen Moline

Rating: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Summary:Who is Belladonna?

In New York City, she's known only as the mysterious masked woman who presides over the most exclusive, opulent club of the times.

In Virginia's blue-blood countryside, she's known as the Contessa, the elusive heiress who flaunts convention and shuns human contact.

But then there are a wretched few who remember her from "The Club" and knew her as a fresh-faced innocent whom they desired...and misled...and left to the sadistic devices of a nobleman who robbed her of her youth, her dignity, and, ultimately her heart.

As Belladonna's story, told by one of her faithful manservants, slowly unfolds, we learn the horrifying truth behind Belladonna's masks and her insatiable desire for vengeance. It is a truth that involves betrayal, murder, depravity -- a truth so chilling that it will pit brother against brother, father against son, and will force Belladonna to ultimately confront the one man who can ultimately either destroy her, or set her free.

Review: While I love historical fiction, this is not the normal type of book that I dive into, however I actually read it in one sitting because I stayed up all night reading it.  It takes you through the time period's of the middle 1930's through the late 1950's and a brief glimpse into the future.  Belladonna is a young girl who gets kidnapped while she is in England visiting with her cousin June, and is essentially auctioned off by members of a sadistic "Club" that sells young girls , for the purposes of what they like to think of as a grand experiment in human nature, owning a slave, and sexual slavery and S&M, when you hear about what Bella Donna Goes through in her younger years as Isabella at the hands of "His Lordship" the "Club" member who "buys" her it reminds you of modern day sex slavery except victims don't usually get the chance to receive any money in return to extract revenge on their persecutors.

The story is told from the point of view of one of the twin brother's who help BellaDonna escape, as well as escaping themselves; they know they must get Belladonna  out from under the iron grip of "His Lordship, after she has been trapped with him for over ten years, and is breaking emotionally; After they escape the book describes how she recovers and gets her iron grip on revenge through the help of a kind rich older man; Once this period of her life ends they start planning revenge  and do so first by opening Club Belladonna and finding a member of the "Club" and ...well if you want to know just read the book...I couldn't put it down... if you want a darker adult read about a woman on the path of revenge this is a good one...

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