Friday, April 26, 2013

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By: Mary Freels Rosborough Novel from the 1940's/1950's.
Summary: The wind in the tall pines made a pleasing murmur on the mild January day at Fish Hawk's Landing, but True Martin did not hear it. She stood in the doorway and stared moodily at the river purring placidly along. Her eyes were very blue and tipped up at the corners in a way that might have been roguish if they hadn't been sad. She hated this new place. She saw nothing of its charm, the caretaker's cabin, artfully constructed of logs, nestling in the trees on the riverbank. To her the river was only a menace, tempting Pop to stop working and go fishing. Her father and little brother were coming down the road......

Review: Jump Williams comes back from World War II with the intention of buying back his farm, and  winning the hand of his childhood sweetheart  True.  True can hardly believe her eyes when she first encounters her one and only childhood love Jump, who has come back to claim her, and she will continue to have trouble believing all the surprises and obstacles that fate has in store for the young couple before they can be married and have a home of their own which is all True really craves.  With characters that call you back to a simpler time and wording that makes the reader think of lemonade on a hot summers day in the late fifties this is a book that can take you away for awhile, and that I enjoyed.

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