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God's Handmaiden

God's Handmaiden 

By: Gilbert Morris

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Summary: A historical and romantic adventure woven around the story of Florence Nightingale. Gervase Howard is in her mid-teens when her working-class mother dies and she must go to live with relatives in service to a wealthy, noble family, outside of London. While learning various jobs, she is drawn to the eldest son, Davis. Her fascination with him grows deeper, but more hopeless, since the two are separated not just by class, but also by Davis's love for Roberta. When Davis announces his engagement, he asks Gervase to join them as Roberta's maid. But instead Gervase becomes a companion to Florence Nightingale and accompanies her when the Crimean War breaks out and she is asked to create a corps of nurses. On the field, Gervase crosses paths with Davis, who has become disillusioned in his marriage and is drawn to her warmth and care. Both know, however, there is nothing more for them than friendship. Upon her return to England, Gervase receives word that Davis has been seriously injured in a fall and is asked to nurse him back to health. As he regains consciousness, he reveals shocking news that plunges them both into danger.

Review: Gervase Howard is a young fifteen year old girl who is thrown into a frightening new world when she loses her Mother, and is sent to live with her aunt and uncle at their home of Kimberly, where they work as the head cook and gardener. She takes along her trusted friend and furry kitty companion Mr.Bob, and is befriended by the master and mistress's oldest son Davis who she develops feelings for as the years pass.  

Through  encounters with bullies,  and in one instance almost losing her furry friend, Gervase's feelings for Davis grow deeper as time passes, so when he becomes engaged to be married she leaves the Kimberly home to be a companion and ladies maid to Florence Nightingale; and will eventually work with her to take care of soldiers during the Crimean War.  During this time Gervase again meets up with Davis who has left home and joined the war effort because of problems in his marriage,  and unhappiness at work.  After returning home from the war Gervase works with Florence and a friend for awhile then finds herself back at Kimberly, as for what happens next you should read to find out ;)

The characters in the book were warm and easy to relate to, it was an easy book to read and I did not want to put it down.  The only thing that I would change is that the ending was very predictable, and during the last few chapters I figured out exactly what was going to happen so it got a little taxing I think it could've been shortened quite a bit, other than that I loved the plot, and the idea of the book and its characters in general. 

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