Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Mary GrandPre Illustrator) 

By: J.K. Rowling

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Summary: Harry Potter is midway through his training as a wizard and his coming of age. Harry wants to get away from the pernicious Dursleys and go to the International Quidditch Cup. He wants to find out about the mysterious event that's supposed to take place at Hogwarts this year, an event involving two other rival schools of magic, and a competition that hasn't happened for a hundred years. He wants to be a normal, fourteen-year-old wizard. But unfortunately for Harry Potter, he's not normal - even by wizarding standards. And in his case, different can be deadly.

Review: Harry Potter is now in his fourth year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, but this year he will find that he gets more than he bargained for as he finds himself signed up for a contest between different European schools of magic, that involves magical skill prowess, and that was supposed to have an age limit but someone apparently felt that Harry should be in on the 'fun'.  In this fourth installment of the Potter series Rowling's writing is even more addicting and has matured a bit compared with the first three Potter books.  

Following Harry through the tasks of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, and Ron and Hermione's developing new relationship was a delightful task.  Wondering what was going to happen next with the rise of Voldemort, and thinking about what it would be like to run into the strange professor Moody on a busy sidewalk in Texas made this book one that was hard to put down;  it' one of my favorite in the series thus far.  I must say I am glad that I am reading this series now rather than when it was popular I like reading the books without having seen all the movies its nice being able to picture some of the characters in my head; and having my own picture of them; sometimes the book really is better.  


  1. Honestly this is my least favorite of the books-it just felt so off with so many new characters introduced and a non-traditional school year with the Tri-Wizard Tournament interfering.

  2. Yeah the traditional swing of the school year was thrown off of its normal flow of things, for me with the new characters I liked some more than others...maybe I need to get more into the series to see how that pans out.